About Ranum

At the end of July 2023 the National Scout and Guide Fellowship of Denmark throws the doors open for a new and interesting form of European conference.
In Denmark many youngsters spend one year at a folk high school/continuation school where the live together and the subjects offered differ from the ordinary school subjects. The aim is education and culture combined with tolerance through togetherness. Folk high schools have become very popular among seniors who participate in short courses, whereas many young people spend their ninth school year at a continuation school whose teaching principles are similar to the ones at a folk high school.
Ranum Efterskole College is one of Denmark’s largest continuation schools accommodating more than 400 pupils.
In the days from 30 July till 3 August, we take over the whole school and are allowed to use all its facilities.

The wide range of acitivties offered by Ranum Efterskole College makes it possible to make a different and exciting European conference

Ranum is situated in the northern part of Jutland near the beautiful Lim Fiord. Although there are less than 1,000 inhabitants in the village, it is the municipalitiy’s fifth largest. The closest town is Aalborg which is the “capital” of Northern Jutland and has approx. 150,000 inhabitants. The drive takes approx. one hour.

Where is Ranum? Click here and find Ranum on the map.