Welcome to Ranum

With the words togetherness – inspiration – sustainability the National Scout and Guide Fellowship of Denmark invites you to the 11th ISGF European conference. We look forward to opening the doors to our European Fellowship friends to four days of togetherness and inspiration.

We will present conference days focusing on being close to nature, showing how we look after our earth and create renewable energy, discussing topics on democracy, tolerance and information as the basis of sustainable living.

Registered participants
as of 07NOV2022
Total 37

By country:
Belgium: 2
Ireland: 1
Liechtenstein: 1
Norway: 2
United Kingdom: 5
Sweden: 2
Germany: 8
Austria: 2
Denmark: 14

Registration deadline:

30 April 2023

We want to show you the beautiful and unknown part of Denmark,
• where nature is influenced by the latest Ice Age,
• where close contact between sea and land forms a strong population,
• where community and cooperation support progress.

We will show you the country, where nothing is big and high. We will let you become acquainted with the unpredictable Danish summer while nights are still short and evenings long.

But first and foremost we will provide the settings of getting to know fellowship members from other countries. Through the creation of things, discussions and inspiration, we shall show each other how we can take care of our planet and live sustainably.

Welcome to Denmark
and welcome to Ranum in 2023

Lone Erkmann
National President

Birthe Ømark
International Secretary